Ceramic Stools are a popular accessory to add not just colour to your home but useful extra seating or coffee table space. 

Ceramic Stools evolved during the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and were based on the orginal wooden drum stools. Hence the drum style design of many seen today. They were used most often as a Garden Stool but today are popular for inside the home as well.  

Ceramic Stools come in various designs, colours and finishes including metallic gold and silver, traditional blue and white as well as finely hand-painted versions too. 

Prices range from $200-$350 for our five-times glazed extra strong stools. 

Please contact us to check current stock availability. 

Ceramic Garden Stools & Silk Lantern
Hand-Painted Chinese Ceramic Stool
Red Ceramic Stool
Silver & Gold Ceramic Stools
Brightly coloured ceramic stools
Yellow & Blue Ceramic Stools
Traditional Ceramic Stool
Cut-out Stool in Mint
Cut-out Stool in Green
Cut-out Stool in White
Ceramic Stool Red, Rice Measurement

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