Foo Dogs (sometimes spelt Fu), the common name in Western cultures for Chinese Guardian Lions or Imperial Guardian Lions, have stood in front of Chinese Imperial palaces, offices and tombs as well as homes of the wealthy since the start of the Han Dynasty in 206 BC. They were believed to have powerful protective properties.


Today, in Chinese communities across the world, Guardian Lion statues are common both within and at the entrance to homes and offices.

The Lions are always presented in pairs, the female is yin and the male yang. The male has his paw upon an embroidered ball representing supremacy over the world and protects the material structure of the building. The female restrains a playful cub that is on its back representing nurture and the cycle of life and protects those living or working inside the building. 


According to Feng Shui, in order to benefit from their protection, the male with the ball should always be on the right and the female with the cub should be on the left.

Our Foo/Fu Dogs are available in various sizes, materials and colours and prices start from $120 per pair.

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